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Commercial Truck Wheel & Tire Balancing | Wentworth Tire

For truck drivers traveling through Chicago, Bensenville, or Schaumburg, IL, or another surrounding area, Wentworth Tire Service has the wheel balancing services to properly balance your tires for an overall smoother ride, greater control, and longer lasting tires.

Regardless of whether you are a fleet manager, short or long-haul trucker working for a freight and transport company, or an owner-operator working for yourself, ensuring your commercial truck’s tires are balanced goes a long way to reducing operating costs and keeping your rig working as it should. At Wentworth Tire, we have been providing commercial truck tire balance services to truck drivers for over 30 years.

Our Wentworth Tire commercial wheel balancing for commercial trucks service uses the most advanced, computerized balancing equipment alongside an experienced team of truck mechanics and technicians.

Properly balancing your wheels isn’t just about giving you better control and improved command of the road. It is also about extending tire life by reducing uneven tread wear, reducing gas consumption, and improving the performance of your suspension and brakes.

If you have been looking for wheel balance Chicago, then our services are exactly what you need.

Wheel Balancing Services for Fleets & Commercial Businesses

A tire and wheel should complement one-another and maintain an equal distribution of weight throughout the assembly. The smallest difference in weight within an assembly can cause a great amount of damage and annoyance. A computerized wheel balancing service will return the balance of your truck’s wheels to factory specifications.


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When Should You Seek Commercial Wheel Balancing Services?

Fleet managers and commercial businesses should balance the tires and wheels on their trucks whenever they install new tires, repair or replace a single tire, or if drivers feel vibrations driving over 40 miles per hour. If you’re experiencing symptoms of wobbly tires or steering that pulls to the right or left, a wheel balancing service may be necessary to correct the issue.

If you need timely and accurate wheel balancing services for your fleet or trucking company, contact us online or visit one of our locations today.

Commercial Truck Tire Balancing Lowers Costs

Think about the biggest expenses you have as a commercial truck driver. Think about the skyrocketing price of fuel, the high costs of needing new commercial tires, and the huge expenses that come from having to get your commercial truck’s suspension fixed.

Every truck driver eventually experiences a blowout. While they may not know exactly why the blowout occurred, they know that it cost them valuable delivery time. Maybe that blowout led to more serious suspension damage or, worse, sidelined their rig for several days. At the very least, they had to pay for emergency servicing and a new commercial tire.

For your commercial tires to function properly, they must support an equal amount of weight from your truck and your cargo. This ensures that each tire maintains the ideal contact with the road. However, when your tires are imbalanced, some tires are pulled towards the interior of your truck or pushed outwards. This exposes portions of your commercial tires to more of the road’s surface – which invariably leads to a higher amount of tread wear.

While it is not always obvious why blowouts happen, imbalanced wheels are most definitely one of the main causes.

Warning Signs Your Commercial Truck Tires Need Balancing

When your tires are not properly balanced, your rig will pull to one side. Steering becomes more difficult, and you experience high amounts of vibration when steering. This is because one or more of your commercial tires have to support a higher truck and cargo weight than the other tires. This damages those tires and increases tread wear while also putting undue strain on your suspension.

Over time, this imbalance between your commercial truck tires can cause extensive damage to those tires while wearing out your brakes and portions of your suspension. This is because parts of your suspension and some of your brakes experience higher amounts of wear than others. If left unchecked, your costs could include much more than just having to replace a commercial tire.

Not having commercial truck tire balancing can lead to having to fix your suspension and fix your brakes.

Wentworth Tire Commercial Truck Balancing Services

So, how does Wentworth Tire commercial truck balancing services work?

First, we take your commercial tire and look for any signs or indications of unnatural tread wear. This gives us a better understanding of what is causing tread wear, while also giving us insight into other possible problem areas.

Second, we clean your commercial tire and rim, paying close attention to ensure we have removed all the dirt and residue. Small rocks, sticks, or even metal shards can easily puncture your commercial tire, so we always inspect the tire and rim to ensure these obstructions are not present and that your rims do not have any dents.

Third, we place your commercial tire inside our dynamic balancing machine, properly securing it in place. We then input data about your commercial tire’s width and other dimensions.

Finally, the balancing machine is turned on. This extremely precise machine has a computer that quickly calculates the radial forces from your commercial tire’s center outwards. By rapidly spinning your tire and performing this instant calculation, our dynamic balancing machine finds the perfect weight distribution for your commercial tire.


Book Your Commercial Truck Tire Balancing at Wentworth Tire Today

At Wentworth Tire, we understand the many challenges our short and long-haul truckers and owner-operators face daily. We understand that time is often hard to come by and that reducing costs is critical. That is why we provide other services in addition to our commercial truck tire balancing services.

If you are a commercial truck driver who needs your commercial tires balanced, contact us now.



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