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Commercial Fleet Service & Repair near Chicago | Wentworth Tire

For over 90 years, Wentworth Tire Service Chicago IL has been the preeminent resource for commercial tire repair, 24/7 emergency tire service, flat tire service, and high-quality commercial retread tires. That 90-year success is built on customer service excellence and a customer-centric, can-do mindset. It’s why commercial fleet managers see our tire services and fleet tire management services as essential to controlling costs and keeping their rigs on the road.

Six Commercial Tire Centers of Excellence

We have six commercial tire service locations throughout the greater Chicago area that provide urgent 24/7 emergency roadside assistance. Each location has state-of-the-art pneumatic and hydraulic wheel alignment, electronic dynamic balancing equipment, and tire retreat equipment along with the latest diagnostic equipment. However, it’s our tire subject-matter experts that make all the difference.

We consider our Tire Industry Association (TIA) Certified technicians as customer investments. Their invaluable insight, expertise, and years of hands-on experience ensure the highest possible standards in commercial tire repair, retreading, and tire servicing. So, if you’re online searching for a 24 hour tire shop near me, commercial truck tires near me, foam filled tires near me, or even flat tire repair near me – our six locations are ready to help.

There is nothing more stressful for long-haul truckers than experiencing a tire blowout. Suddenly that on-time delivery is at risk. You don’t care if the blowout was caused by tread wear, under or overinflated tires, or some road obstruction. You just want it fixed. When an emergency puts one or more of your commercial vehicles down, call Wentworth Tire Service. Our TIA-certified technicians are there 24/7 to provide the best road service.

Your fleet has stops to make and a reputation to keep. Our 24/7 emergency crews are supported by a dedicated and experienced service team that instantly reacts the moment we’re called. They ensure the emergency crews show up with that urgent replacement tire so you can get back on schedule. Make us your first plan when you need a replacement tire. If this is a roadside emergency, contact your nearest location for service now. Remember to keep our number handy whenever you need  24-hour roadside assistance.


Our commercial tire service centers are supported by multiple tire retread plants throughout Illinois. We use Bandag® retreads, a global market leader and innovator in application-specific retread tires. These near-new retreads use specialized tread patterns matched to any terrain. More importantly, they substantially reduce tire costs – in some instances by up to 30 percent or more.

If you manage a fleet, then you know tires are one of the most expensive components on your budget. Save money and provide your drivers with a safe and reliable ride when you see us for retreading. Our retread plants will remove the old casings and replace them with new ones, extending the service life of your tires. Your tire’s casing assembly contains the most expensive materials including beads, steel liners, steel body ply, overlays, and multiple steel belt layers.

Get more mileage out of your commercial tires for less money. Contact a representative at your nearest Wentworth Tire Service retread plant to start the conversation. Retreading, once known as recapping, is a cost effective and trusted way to do your business a favor. See what we can save you today.


Protect your commercial wheels and keep them looking good with our powder coating and refurbishing services.

Wheel rims are constantly exposed to extreme weather and corrosive elements. Rain, wind, sleet, snow, sand, dirt, rocks, and countless road obstructions damage a rim’s metal surface. Our powder coating Chicago service fuses a dry powder under intense heat, creating an impenetrable, uniform, and durable protective layer for your rims that won’t chip, flake, or corrode the way paint does. Powder coating is one of the best ways to protect your wheels and keep their color vibrant.

Our foam fill services can extend the life of your commercial tires and improve traction and control while ensuring ideal tire pressure. It’s also an ideal solution for rigs that often transport loads onto commercial construction sites, helping to protect your tires against punctures or tears caused by job site debris.

For wheels that have small scratches or rust, refurbishing is the perfect solution. Take control of what the alloy or aluminum wheels on your fleet are saying about your business. Have us remove tar, dirt, salt, and nicks to restore your wheels to like-new condition.


Ideally, a tire and wheel should complement one-another and maintain an equal distribution of weight throughout the assembly. Uneven weight distribution within an assembly, no matter how small, can cause vibration and wobbling. In turn, this puts uneven pressure on the tread and results in uneven tire wear. Our commercial tire and wheel balancing service will bring your truck’s wheels back to factory specifications.

At Wentworth Tire Service, we offer electronic, dynamic balancing.

Are you scheduling routine wheel alignments for your commercial trucks? In the transportation industry, the two highest operating expenses are fuel and tires, and while fuel consumption can be difficult to control, scheduling routine commercial truck alignments can positively impact your savings as a business.

Alignments are designed to return wheels to a straighter roll position on the road for less roll resistance on the road. Less roll resistance means less friction, and ultimately, better fuel economy, tire life, component wear, and decreased driver fatigue.


Stay legal and safe on the road with Wentworth Tire Service. Contact us when for regular fleet management. We'll arrive on-site and make sure your commercial vehicles check out. Manage your fleet better, project tire life, and save money by staying proactive.

Our goal is to keep your fleet at its best, so you can maximize business performance. Our professionals will check tire inflation levels for correct air pressure, check tread depths, check for alignment problems, mis-matched duals, and missing valve caps. We employ TIA-certified technicians who can address you inspection needs and provide useful information on the state of your parts to help you budget for the future.


Our commercial tires feature various tread patterns and depths. We also stock tires designed for specific load weights and weather conditions. We can outfit all types of commercial vehicles--light duty trucks, tractor trailers, whatever. Ride in confidence with our commercial tires.

We know your business doesn’t stop for anything. Don’t let the need for tires hold you back. Keep your business rolling forward with commercial tires from our shop.


Do you have heavy machinery you’re responsible for? Whether it’s a small earth mover or a large crane, no heavy equipment can operate without tires. Make sure your equipment has the right OTR, or Off-The-Road tires to get the job done.

When you need tires capable of riding over rough terrain and rugged landscapes, come to Wentworth Tire Service for our supply of off-the-road tires





Trust Your Fleet With Wentworth Tire Service

The Wentworth Tire Service name has become synonymous with providing high-quality commercial tire fleet maintenance services throughout the Chicago,IL area. Whether helping short-haul, long-haul, owner-operators, or fleet managers, our preventative tire maintenance and inspection services are critical to keeping rigs on the road and on schedule.

If you want to work with a Chicago commercial tire partner that will always support your business, contact us now.



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