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Fleet Service & Tire Management | Wentworth Tire


 Fleet Service & Tire Management in Chicago

Fleet repairs got you down? At Wentworth Tire Service, we know just how challenging managing a fleet can be, especially when one vehicle needs repairs. Coordinating service for many vehicles can be challenging. That’s why we offer fleet maintenance and repairs to our customers. We do fleet repairs in Chicago, Bensenville, and Schaumburg, IL, as surrounding areas of Chicagoland.When you manage a fleet, you need all vehicles running at full capacity. Unexpected breakdowns cost you time and money.

Understanding Fleet Service and Tire Management

What is Fleet Service?

Fleet service refers to the maintenance and management of a company's fleet of vehicles. This can include regular maintenance, repairs, and inspections to ensure that the vehicles are running smoothly and safely. Fleet service providers are equipped to handle the unique needs of businesses with multiple vehicles, offering tailored solutions to keep the fleet in top condition.

The Role of Tire Management

Tire management is a crucial aspect of fleet service, as tires play a significant role in the overall performance and safety of the vehicles. Proper tire management involves maintaining accurate tire pressure, regular inspections for wear and tear, and timely tire rotations and replacements. This ensures that the vehicles have optimal traction, fuel efficiency, and overall performance on the road.

Benefits of Fleet Service and Tire Management

Minimizing Downtime

One of the primary benefits of investing in fleet service and tire management is the ability to minimize downtime for your vehicles. With regular maintenance and proactive tire management, the risk of unexpected breakdowns and repairs is significantly reduced. This means that your fleet can stay on the road, serving your business needs without unexpected interruptions.

Maximizing Vehicle Lifespan

By staying on top of regular maintenance and tire management, you can maximize the lifespan of your fleet vehicles. Proper care and attention to the vehicles' mechanical components and tires can help prevent premature wear and extend the overall longevity of the vehicles. This can ultimately save your business money by delaying the need for new vehicle purchases.

Cost Savings

Investing in fleet service and tire management can lead to significant cost savings in the long run. By preventing major repairs and breakdowns through regular maintenance, you can avoid costly emergency repairs and keep your vehicles operating efficiently. Additionally, proper tire management can improve fuel efficiency, saving your business money on fuel costs over time.

Importance of Regular Maintenance

Scheduled Inspections

Regular inspections are a cornerstone of effective fleet service and tire management. Scheduled inspections allow for the early detection of potential issues, enabling proactive maintenance to address any problems before they escalate. This helps to keep your vehicles in optimal condition and reduces the risk of unexpected breakdowns.

Tire Rotation and Replacement

Proper tire rotation and timely replacement are essential for maintaining the safety and performance of your fleet vehicles. Uneven tire wear can lead to decreased traction and handling, as well as reduced fuel efficiency. By adhering to a regular tire rotation schedule and replacing worn tires as needed, you can ensure that your vehicles are equipped with safe and reliable tires.

Fluid Checks and Changes

Regular fluid checks and changes are vital for the overall health of your fleet vehicles. This includes engine oil, transmission fluid, brake fluid, and coolant, among others. Keeping these fluids at the appropriate levels and replacing them at the recommended intervals can help prevent mechanical issues and keep your vehicles running smoothly.

Our technicians service even the most complex fleet repairs. We perform all repairs as timely as possible, without compromising quality. We can accommodate all kinds of fleet vehicles.

Fleet Services Chicago

Fleet Vehicles Serviced in Chicago, IL:

  • Service and Delivery Vehicles
  • Car Rental Agencies
  • Utility Companies
  • Corporate Fleet Companies
  • Hospital Vehicles
  • Casino and Resort Vehicles
  • Municipal Vehicles
  • Construction & Sanitation Vehicles


Our techs are used to dealing with a variety of fleet vehicles. We can handle a multitude of issues. Do not hesistate to bring your vehicles in if you are experiencing issues. Delaying maintenance on your vehicles could make the situation worse and can potentially put the car out of fleet service. 

Our Fleet Repair Services Include:

  • Transmission Repairs
  • Electrical System Services
  • Tire Repairs
  • Brake Repairs
  • Alignment Repairs
  • Steering System Repairs
  • Air Conditioning Services
  • Preventive Vehicle Maintenance
  • And more!


Focused on Service

We will also keep a detailed record of all of the repairs your fleet receives. Each vehicle will be kept on a rigorous maintenance schedule. Just let us know if you ever want to review your service records. We'll be happy to review them with you and answer any questions. We can help manage your fleet tires as well. When your fleet is serviced with us, you’ll have a dedicated fleet tire sales rep to handle all your tire needs. If your fleet needs service, we will be there to help. It doesn’t matter if your vehicles are public or private, how many passengers they handle (even if it’s none at all), or the size. Give us a call or visit for more information on our Fleet Service Options today.

Comprehensive Service Offerings

A reputable fleet service provider should offer comprehensive service offerings to meet all of your maintenance and management needs. This can include routine maintenance, tire services, emergency repairs, and more. Having a single provider that can address all of your fleet's needs simplifies the management process and ensures consistent quality of service. At Wentworth we offer everything that you and your team needs. 



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