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Foam Fill & Powder Coating Services

Foam Fill Tires in Chicago, IL

Foam filled tires are stronger and more durable than the average tire. While you’ll find them on heavy machinery, you won’t find them on your car. Regular cars can’t accommodate the stiffness of foam-filled tires. The ride would be rigid and uncomfortable.

For heavy machinery traveling in adverse conditions, flat tires are more than just a minor inconvenience---they can mean lost money. Foam filling means you’ll never have to worry about your equipment getting a flat tire. Foam-filled tires are basically flat-proof.

At Wentworth Tire Service, we are all about helping commercial businesses and fleet managers cut costs and maximize time on the road. One way to reduce downtime is to flat-proof your tires. By filling tires with foam, you are empowering your fleet and commercial vehicles with numerous advantages. if you need foam filled tires in Chicago, Bensenville, or Schaumburg, IL, as well as surrounding areas, call or stop by one of our locations.

The Benefits of Flat-Proofing Tires

  • Puncture-proof.
  • Longer tread life and reduced repair costs.
  • More consistent tire pressure.
  • More effective maneuverability over rough and uneven terrain.
  • Added stability to the weight of your commercial vehicle.

Our specialized foam fill process involves injecting a urethane gel through the valve stem or through a hole drilled into the tire sidewall, and then allowing the tires to harden for a length of time anywhere between 24 and 48 hours. Our process is guaranteed to fortify tires against flats and unnecessary maintenance.

Foam filled tires aren’t for everyone, but they can be an excellent alternative for heavy-duty vehicles, particularly those that regularly experience flat tires.

Maximize your road time, reduce repair costs, and eliminate flat tires today with our foam fill service.

If you need to repair your aging truck wheels, our powder coating services might help.

Powder Coating Gives New Life to Old Wheels

Powder coating offers many advantages over standard wet or sprayed clear coat procedures. Powder coating provides:

  • A more brilliant, even finish.
  • Durable and long lasting wear.
  • Consistent colors.
  • Protection of the subsurface.
  • Coverage to already damaged areas.

Each wheel repair and conditioning service includes stripping the old finish, straightening the wheel, welding, and restoring the original color and shade with a near-exact paint match.

Worried about cost? Wheel repair and conditioning is generally 40% cheaper than buying new wheels, which makes wheel repair and conditioning the perfect cost-saving option for drivers who take pride in maintaining the appearance of their vehicle.

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